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Certified Instructional Designer/Developer


The Center offers two levels of certification for professionals in instructional design and development:

1.  Certified Developer of Training, for professionals who develop live, online, synchronous or asynchronous training.

2.  Certified developer of a specific learning tactic, for professionals who specialize in specific learning tactics such as serious games, simulations, and the like.

Both certifications provide a measure of credibility in the field.  Both are portfolio and evidence-based certifications.  Both require you to satisfy all 9 standards.  In addition, certified IDs must show they have a professional brand or persona that they use to market their services internally or externally.  Successful candidates will receive a mark, CDT or ID, and a digital badge. 

Digital badges may be used in social media, email, and websites.  Your digital badge links to a site where your clients and employers can go to validate that you have a right to use that certification mark and to learn more about the badges’ requirements.


To apply or just self-assess your readiness, you will need the Handbook: 

To pay for your certification, CDT or ID Badge, click on the link below. 

Need more Details and Documentation?

Download these documents for more information:

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