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Notice: The certifications originally awarded by The Institute for Performance Improvement (TIfPI) are now being awarded jointly by ISPI and the Center.


Certified Assessment and Credentialing Professional 

This credential is specifically for professionals and leaders who are responsible for developing and managing certification, certificate, and accreditation programs.  

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Raise Your Career 
To new Heights


Certified Developer of Training & Learning Methods

This international, evidence-based certification is for instructional developers who have developed at least one learning solution that satisfies all 9 standards. 

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Stand Out from the the Crowd


Accredited Programs & their Product & Operations

Certify your learning, credentialing, and workforce development programs.  This accreditation gives credence to learning, credentialing, and development solutions that meet the standards.  Click here to learn more.

     Set Sail with Confidence


Certified Facilitator of Training

This certification was developed in response to the need for competent facilitators.  Facilitation is the discipline of presenting instructional content and executing learning tactics, while effectively engaging learners and managing group dynamics so attention is on comprehending, retaining, and mastering skills. Click here to learn more.

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